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Welcome to Elshaddai GROUP

Welcome to the official website of Elshaddai Group of companies. We are an organization that seeks mutual growth as part of a social ecosystem that harbors sustainable development goal and long term commitment to the communities where we are present. With operations in diverse fields and industries like hospitality and tourism, agriculture, health and fitness and fuel retail, Elshaddai Group of companies has always strived to deliver value to its stakeholders through all its endeavors.

Our Mission

The Elshaddai Group seeks to increase our presence in more diverse sectors across India and the Middle East.

Our Vision

To enable wholesome growth of our stakeholders in the communities that we are present and to create a world that is truly sustainable for future generations.

  • To bring about prosperity and actualize our organizational goals through efficient and transparent business activities.
  • To adhere to the principles of integrity and sound management with highest form respect for our stakeholders.
  • To inculcate a corporate culture that is conducive to innovation.
  • To be unflinching in our efforts to preserve and protect the global environment.
  • To uplift the community like a responsible corporate citizen.
Our Projects