Elshaddai Plantations
Elshaddai Plantations

The Elshaddai Plantations has a group of Cardamom, Vegetable & Fruits, Coffee plantations.

Cardamom Plantations

We have two cardamom plantations situated at Kattappana and Nedumkandam which is a major trading hub for spices. The geography and climate suits the cultivation of cardamom in places like Kattappana and Nedumkandam in Idukki district.

Vegetable Plantation at Kanthalloor, Munnar

Kanthaloor is located at a distance of 57 kilometers from Munnar. It is here that we have our vegetable and fruit plantation that spans an area of 10 acres. Kanthaloor is known for its cool climate and beautiful landscape that is made up of waterfalls, small rivers and misty hills. The climate makes this a favorable location for the growing of fruit and vegetables. At our plantation we have wide variety of fruits and vegetables that are grown. These include orange, plums, strawberry, passion fruit, cauliflower, carrot, potato and cabbage some of the few that we produce.

Coffee Planation at Coorg

Referred to as the ‘Coffee Cup of India’, this is one sobriquet that Coorg wears with an almost possessive air. After all, some of the world’s best coffee is grown here, and the slopes are redolent with the aroma of fine Arabicas and Robustas. Perched amidst the misty hills of Coorg, lies our coffee plantation that spreads over an area of 10 acres.

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